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Herbalife Women's Solutions
The demands of work and family, as well as hormonal changes, can compromise a woman's health. Women's Solutions include herbs, nutrients and hormone precursors to help women find their natural balance and enjoy glowing health at every age.
Xtra-Cal Advanced
A calcium supplement for strong bones and teeth.
Our price: $9.56
You Save: $3.49 (27%)
Woman's Choice
A phytoestrogen supplement for perimenopause support.*
Our price: $30.87
You Save: $13.23 (30%)
Tang Kuei Plus
An herbal supplement for PMS and stress management.*
Our price: $11.13
You Save: $4.77 (30%)
Triple Berry Complex
A concentrated berry supplement for urinary-tract health.*
Our price: $11.65
You Save: $5.00 (30%)
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"I have bought products from Serenesense and it has been great! Very easy to place order and my order is shipped within the required time frame. I am very satisfied with!" - Julia W.