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Refund Policy

What is your return policy?

We are so committed to delivering effective, high-quality products for our customers that we offer a no hassle 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with a recent purchase, please contact us at and we may process your return. It is our way of guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. Time is of essence, please act fast.

Before you decide to return your products, please read:

  • Consistency with product usage is often the main factor in not achieving personal results. If you are using the products as instructed consistently, we guarantee absolute success.
  • Contact with any questions regarding product usage or results. We are so committed in the results our products provide that if you use it consistently and correctly, you will achieve the results you desire.
  • If you still would like to return your products, make sure that Serenesense receives your return within thirty (30) days upon receipt of order.

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How do I return an item?

To initiate a return, follow these steps:
Step 1 - Please contact us at with your name and order number to obtain return instructions.

Step 2 - Print out and sign in the areas indicated "Sign Here Only >>>" of the 2 forms below.
(Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. click here for Adobe Acrobat).

     Form A - Retail Order Form/Receipt (pdf)

     Form B - Customer Request for Refund Form (pdf)

Note: To ensure a quality experience with us, we will fill out the remainder of the forms as you are only required to sign only the "customer's signature" line on each form and include both forms within your return.

Step 3 - Send us the unused portion of the product within 30 days of receiving your purchase to Serenesense and NOT the Herbalife Warehouse. Mail all returns with documentation as described above to the address provided in return correspondence with Serenesense.

Note: Any products shipped directly to the Herbalife warehouse will delay your refund and may carry additional shipping charges.

Once your shipment is received, will process the appropriate refund promptly.

In order to keep our prices competitive, and to continue to offer our current promotions, please be aware of the following return policies:

  • Free or Paid Shipping fees are non-refundable on returns! If your order qualifies for free shipping, then actual shipping costs plus Herbalife handling fees (which is not refunded to us) is NOT credited back. For example, if your order total is $100 and free shipping costs us $7.95 and handling costs us another $7.00, we will refund you $85.05. We do NOT profit from your returns!
  • Free Gift promotions. If you received a free gift (such as a free Herbalife accessory) as part of a promotion, the products are yours to keep and cost of the accessory will be not be credited back to you.
  • Actual shipping charges of unused products back to us is also non-refundable on returns. In other words, you pay for shipping us back the unused portion of the products to us.
  • Wholesale & Distributor Kits cannot be returned once the products are opened.
  • Return processing is usually performed immediately upon receipt of return products but may take up to a maximum of 4 weeks.
  • Items that are not returned in their original packaging will not be refunded.

Refunds: We issue a credit for the order back to the customer in the form of the originating method of payment. For example, if you used your Mastercard to make a particular purchase on SereneSense, we will credit that same Mastercard and not another card with a different credit card number. At the time of your return, your credit card numbers may have expired on our systems and we will need to request it again in order to issue you a credit. This must match your expiration date on file.

Return Shipping Costs: Return costs for shipping and handling are non-refundable.

Lost or Stolen Packages: We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages while in transit to SereneSense. We recommend that you keep proper Proof of Delivery for any package you ship & obtain insurance on your package.

Exchanges: Exchanges are subjected to shipping charges. If the product is unused and is still sealed, you may exchange the product without question. We do not exchange used products or product in which the seal is broken or removed. We will process exchanges once the products are received.

All products are shipped fully inspected to ensure product is new at the warehouse. If the product has been used, we can not honor an exchange and encourage you to return the used product while placing a new order for the intended products. Shipping promotions do not apply to exchanges and are not honored.

ŠThis guarantee is limited only by the terms of certain specific warranties attached to or packaged with certain products and does not apply to any product intentionally damaged or misused. If you are not satisfied, will honor the product guarantee quickly and with full integrity.
What our customers are saying:

"I have bought products from Serenesense and it has been great! Very easy to place order and my order is shipped within the required time frame. I am very satisfied with!" - Julia W.